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Life-Long Learning, Fitness, & Fun

Parks & Recreation works for you, your kids, your neighbors, and your communities...

Individual Benefits

Improves academic performance
Improves health and well-being
Reduces stress
Increases confidence and self-esteem

Community Benefits

Reduces crime
Keeps kids off the streets
Strengthens families
Increases community pride and volunteerism

Economic Benefits

Increases property values
Reduces health care costs
Increases productivity
Boosts tourism

Environmental Benefits

Preserves plants and wildlife
Controls air, water and soil quality
Provides accessible places to enjoy nature
Everyone benefits directly or indirectly!
Yesterday’s activities promote tomorrow’s physical and mental wellness.

Words from the Director

LB Headshot

Hi All,

Well, here we are, making it through this whirl-wind, topsy-turvy, wild and crazy "New Normal" pandemic 2020.

I, for one, get REALLY annoyed (I’ve been around a LOOONNNG time, so I am allowed to be annoyed) at that term, "New Normal". It somehow implies that we had an "Old Normal" (HUH?) that is gone, never to come back. What we all need to focus on is the NOW, and making it ok. For us as individuals, for our families, our friends, our coworkers. Getting through all the changes and challenges has really taken a whole team effort, for sure. There have been some set-backs, some revelations (we really can do this!), some very proud "I did it, I really did it!" moments (getting set up on Zoom, or your kid’s school computers) and a lot of people helping people moments.

While all that warms the heart (for some reason I am hearing the music from a Hallmark movie in my head as I write this), we still seem to have a long road ahead of us. If all of you have even half the support that we here at PTARC have had, I can say with certainty that we will come through with flying colors! Our community sticks together, reaches out, helps, encourages and shows up in force when needed. To say it in plain words, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

To say THANK YOU is an understatement. I can’t even begin to count the number of our participants that have shown us that our programs matter.

We will continue to provide quality recreational classes and events, following CDC, State, Local, Federal and any other guideline that gets thrown at us as long as the NEW OLD RATTY CRUSTY FIESTY CRAZY NORMAL hangs around...

See you on the play side!

Linda Bires, Recreation Director

Meet Our Staff

Linda G. Bires

Recreation Director

Michael Tassone

Assistant to the Director


Stephanie Wedge

Program Assistant

Becky Lingenfelter

Program Assistant

Our Board of Directors

  • Mr. Larry Harrison

    Chairman, Penn Township

  • Mr. Joe Lapia

    Vice Chairman, Manor Borough

  • Mr. Steve Perovich

    Treasurer, Trafford Borough

  • Mrs. Mary Perez


  • Rita Windsor

    Trafford Borough Alternate

  • Dr. Matt Harris

    Superintendent, Penn Trafford School District

  • Mr. Nick Petrucci

    Penn Trafford School Board

  • Dr. Greg Capoccioni

    Vice Principle, Penn Trafford High School

  • Mr. Stan Rudge

    Penn Trafford Public Representative

  • Mr. Michael Ginsburg

    PTSD Alternate

  • Mrs. Mary Perez

    Manager, Penn Township

  • Mr. Randy Dreistadt

    Penn Borough

  • Mrs. Bev Picklo

    Penn Borough Alternate

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Linda G. Bires

We are located at:
2001 Municipal Ct
Harrison City, PA 15636

Recreation Director